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Are you ready to 10x your life satisfaction?

Ever wanted more from yourself, your job or your life but didn't know where to start? You're not alone. Start using MindJournal today.

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£ 34.99 GBP
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MindJournal is the simplest thing you can do right now to massively increase your life satisfaction. Achieve your biggest goals, live your wildest dreams and face your scariest fears with MindJournal’s innovative WritingFramework™. Based on proven psychological research, you’ll build a powerful journaling habit that will result in a calmer and more motivated version of yourself. The only thing stopping you is you.

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How it

  • 90-days of journaling
  • Powerful WritingFramework™
  • Guidance and encouragement
  • Undated – Go at your own pace
  • Free writing section


  • 100% Lay-flat binding
  • 256 ink-proof pages
  • Crushproof charcoal cover
  • Premium ivory paper
  • Two ribbon markers

What's inside Mindjournal?

30 Powerful Questions

MindJournal will guide you through all the areas of your life, examining the building blocks of who you are, helping you to discover what you really want.

Daily Check-in Tool

At the start of each entry, our Daily Check-in Tool will help you quickly and effectively track your day, how you feel and what you’ve achieved.

Coaching & Support

Throughout the journal you'll find a combination of both motivational prompts and advice to keep the good vibes up. Look out for the 'M' symbol.

90 Days of Writing

At the end of the programme, you'll find space for a further 60 entries, all including the Daily Check-In Tool and motivational tips to keep you writing.

Revisit & Reflect

With plenty of extra pages throughout the writing programme, you'll be able to look back at the progress you've made to see how far you've come.

Premium Craftmanship

Carefully designed with you in mind, MindJournal is crafted from high quality materials to give you the best possible journalling experience.

The MindJournal WritingFramework™

Our innovative WritingFramework™ includes 30 potentially life-changing questions, divided into three core stages that will challenge the way you think, feel and act, guiding you towards a building a happier and healthier you.

Each entry begins with a Daily Check-In, helping you to identify how you are feeling, giving you space to plot your day as well as planning in time that is just for you.

1. Timestamp

Add the date to track your progress as you work through your Journal. You can then revisit and reflect on questions using the extra pages.

2. Feelings Checklist

Check-in and tick off how you feel using 50 common emotions as your starting point. There’s even space to add your own.

3. Intentions & Achievements

List your intentions and achievements to boost your productivity and confidence. Small wins will help you achieve the bigger ones.

4. Gratitude

Gratitude is a key ingredient to a fulfilling and happy life. List three things you’re grateful for to give yourself a dose of positivity.

5. Happy Hour

It’s important to learn how to look after yourself as well as others. Happy Hour is your chance to plan a moment that’s just for you.

6. The Programme

30 thought-provoking questions, divided into three core stages that increase in difficulty as you work through your Journal.

7. Writing Lines

Use the three lined pages to write your responses to the question. If you need more space you can use the free writing section at the back of the Journal.

8. Coaching

Every question comes with help and advice on how to answer it — look out for the ‘M’ symbol at the bottom of the page.

What customers are saying

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Finding it very useful

Absolutely love the MindJournal. Quality material and the mind exercises available are well thought. I would definitely recommend.

A Fantastic Writing Tool

I’ve been using the Mind Journal for a couple of weeks now, and I must say it’s been a joy. I am not used to writing in a Journal and thought I’d find the whole process a little arkward. However this Journal is set out to make the process a breeze. I find myself writing pages and pages and don’t even realise I have written that much. If you struggle with your mental health or just want to balance your life better, I certainly recommend you try Mind Journal.


I think the journal is amazing and I am currently using it on my travels in Bali. Everything I have encountered with the journal so far has been very beneficial and I am looking forward to continuing with it during my trip.


This is an awesome well thought out way to get starting and improving yourself!

Worth every penny !

Mindjournal is amazing ! I’m only 8 days in and already it’s helped me so much, it’s help me to find things out about myself and helped me identifie some triggers along with helping me find coping mechanisms. Would highly recommend


Not only have I bought myself one, but I’ve bought for others too. I think this journal is awesome and the concept behind it is fantastic. The fact that this journal actually helps you journal is brilliant for beginners and those wanting to try and journal, yet find it hard on where to start. But it’s also great for those who journal constantly, as it gets you to think about how and what you journal.. I absolutely love this journal.


Still getting my feet wet with journaling and this journal is very pertinent to me and I think many other men.

Superb Quality! Time to work on better habits

Everything about it is great. Even the cardbox that it came inside was perfect to open and just the right size. The materials, layout, fonts used, hard cover to safely store it standing. Every detail was taken care of. Believe all reviews about the excellent quality of the product! Now it’s time to be more aware about my mindsets and work on better habits. :)

The first time I’ve wrote not for work in a long time!

So easy to use and stimulates you to think about life, past, present and the future. An amazingly well made product, high quality and the questions are varied and diverse to get you writing and thinking. Still in the warm up but looking forward to hitting some journal posts on my own soon.

The Journey of change

I Struggled at first to bring myself to start writing but Once I did, I started to feel better in myself. It is still early days but I am Very grateful for this journal and I hope that it continues to help me like it has so far.


How long does MindJournal take to complete?

Our innovative WritingFramework™ includes 30 potentially life-changing questions, divided into three core stages that will challenge the way you think, feel and act, guiding you towards a building a happier and healthier you.

Our hope is that once you have completed the programme, you'll want to keep going. So at the end of the programme, we have included the space for a further 60 entries.

So, if you were to complete one entry a day, you would finish the journal in 90 days.

What are the specifications of your journal?

Do you ship internationally?

How long does shipping take?

Do you have a returns policy?

The MindJournal Movement

We’re more than just a journaling brand. We’re on a mission to redefine men’s health and happiness all through the power of writing.

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