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are you ready to 10x your life satisfaction?

“This book has the power to change lives.”
Professor Karen Pine – Leading Psychologist

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£ 34.99 GBP


£ 34.99 GBP

Designed from the ground up with every man in mind, MindJournal's powerful, guided writing framework, will help you feel more confident and motivated to handle anything that life throws at you. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, MindJournal will give you the tools and techniques to make long-lasting change for you and the people around you. Change starts here.

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• 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Powerful Outcomes:

  • Increased positive attitude
  • Increased physical health
  • Increased mental strength
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased life satisfaction
  • Increased confidence

Journal Specifications:

  • Lay-flat binding
  • Classic A5 dimensions
  • 256 ink proof pages
  • Premium ivory journal paper
  • Crushproof flexi-bond cover
  • Charcoal grey & yellow marker

"I believe MindJournal is one of the most accessible tools for any guy who is looking for a way to change their outlook on life."

— Psychology Professor, Karen Pine



Like all exercises, it’s good to warm up first. This stage will teach you how to capture your thoughts and feelings and put them down on paper.


In this stage, you'll discover your core strengths and weaknesses so you can work towards building an even stronger version of yourself.


The last stage is about your future, your needs and what’s important to you. This is where you'll take everything you've learned and execute your game plan.

The MindJournal Framework

MindJournal’s simple framework uses a Daily Check-In tool and a programme of powerful questions to ensure that every time you come to write — you have something to say.

  • 1
    Date your entries to track your progress
  • 2
    Feelings Checklist
    Tick how you feel or write your own
  • 3
    Intentions & Achievements
    Boost confidence & productivity with small wins
  • 4
    Feeling grateful is key to a happy life
  • 5
    Happy Hour
    Plan a moment that’s just for you
  • 6
    The Programme
    30 powerful exercises to get you writing
  • 7
    Writing Lines
    3 lined pages to exercise your mind
  • 8
    Every exercise comes with a dose of motivation

“MindJournal keeps you motivated by providing a series of questions and tasks to kickstart your writing and give you added confidence.”


What customers are saying

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews

I got this for my friends son as my daughter found writing a diary helped her a few years ago.
He loves it, it’s helping him so much.
As it’s just for men it’s perfect.
Highly recommended by a 23 year old

The book every shelf needs

If you want to feel better, you need this book. It's deceptively simple but deeper than you can imagine.

A little expensive, but it is helpful

I like that the topics vary from day to day, and that it has good exercises and suggestions. It definitely helps me think about my feelings and emotions in a positive way, and if it was a little more affordable I would buy a couple more for friends and family.

Nice Project

Nice Project

Mind Journal

A life changing idea. Accessible to the everyday man. The idea of taking care of your mind as well as your body is long over due, this book is a pioneer for change that is so incredibly needed. My husband and brother in law both have one and I hope it gives them the space and freedom to realise it is not just women that need to think about their feelings and mental health. I would recommend Mind Journal to all men, great gift idea also!



Day by day

Writing helps me review how I feel/ felt/ want to feel. I love this idea, thank you for the positive messages.

Simply great

Failed at journaling in the past due to writers block. The questions and exercises change daily. Makes for a great way to sort out your thoughts, and decompress at the end of the day. The most powerful benefit is at times I find myself coaching me from a different perspective. Telling myself what I need to hear and giving me a chance to get away from the negative thoughts that repeat in my mind.

Excatly what I needed

Never been one for journaling, never found the time but this has helped me organise my thoughts and the process has helped make a huge change in my outlook and the way I go about my day - balancing work, family and training. I set aside 30 mins a day, with a coffee in my office at the start of each morning and write. The effects have been huge - this journal gets where you are as a man and helps you get where you want to be. Cannot recommend enough, for every bloke!

One excellent journal

I've never seen something so beautifully crafted, designed and prepared. Thank you, I'm gradually changing for the better because of you.

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