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Starter Bundle

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Be more for less with the Starter Bundle. Includes MindJournal: our revolutionary guided journal, Balance Planner: our groundbreaking work-life planner and the Check-In Notepad: our powerfully simple daily desk pad. Your journey starts here.

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Starter Bundle

Features & benefits

Unlock your true potential with MindJournal, plan your path to greatness with the Balance Planner and make self-care a daily habit with the Check-In Notepad. The Starter Bundle is your ultimate toolkit for a life without limits.

• 1 x MindJournal
• 1 x Balance Planner
• 1 x Check-In Notepad


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I’ve only been doing this for a month, and the dramatic effect it’s had on my positivity, clarity and general mental well-being is incredible.

Christian, UK

The Starter Bundle.

Build a long-lasting journaling habit, reset your work-life balance and stay on top of daily to-dos.


Journal your way to a better you. Revolutionise your health with science-backed guided exercises, self-care prompts and mood trackers. Whether you want to get your mindset on track or chase next-level goals, this journal is just the beginning of your journey.

Balance Planner.

Plan your path to greatness. Transform your life with smart schedules, productivity toolkits and self-care systems. Whether you want to level up your wellbeing or become the master of your own time, this planner is your key to the impossible.

Check-In Notepad.

Set your tone for the day, the right way. This powerful desktop tool helps you structure your time, set achievable goals and practice self-care. Add to MindJournal or use it by itself. Time to build healthier habits and get stuff done.

What’s in the bundle.

The ultimate set of tools for a happier, healthier you.

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A5 science-backed guided journal
Mood-tracking check-in tool
Charcoal grey vegan leather cover
264 ruled 110gsm FSC ivory pages
Lay-flat binding and storage case


Balance Planner:

A5 work-life guided planner
Goals, habits, health and to-do’s
Smoke grey vegan leather cover
264 pages with 110gsm FSC ivory paper
Lay-flat binding and storage case

iconspace_Book Checklist_25px

Check-In Notepad:

A5 Premium Notepad
65 daily tear out sheets
Self-care, to-do list and notes
110gsm FSC ivory paper
Flip cover for privacy

1,550+ five-star reviews

Trusted by 100,000 guys worldwide.

No matter what they faced in life, their MindJournal always stood by their side. Meet real guys achieving real change.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Lee R.
One Step at a Time.

I’ve tried journaling before, quite often it ends in a mire of self pity and negativity and that’s not a rewarding experience or a fulfilling pursuit. What I like about MindJournal is that there is positivity threaded throughout it, simple stuff like making you list those things you are grateful for on a daily basis. I haven’t been doing this for very long and already I am seeing much more balance in what I put down, I think I’ll be here for the long haul. I have yet to start the Balance Planner as I’m trying to build the habit of writing daily with the MindJournal, but this too looks like to will prove to be very rewarding.

Mind Journal Has Changed My Life

The review title sounds like an exaggeration but it really has. I’d heard a lot about journaling but had struggled to start and maintain something. The guided process really helped me and I now incorporate it as a non-negotiable every morning.

I have struggled with my mental health for a number of years. Most significantly since the birth of my first son six years ago. That sounds terrible but I think it is partly due to not having time to reflect and be quiet with solitary time for myself. I have also struggled with imposter syndrome at work and in short, found it difficult to cope with life on a day to day basis.

I was first attracted to mind journal due to the focus on men’s mental health. That being said these books can clearly be used for either sex and that was probably just more of a marketing pitch. I have worked on a number of things to help my mental health and they have taken time to imbed. I have got back into running, tried to prioritise sleep (with mixed success), have spells of eating better, actually giving up booze 9 months ago and have slowly become more spiritual and present on a day to day basis. None of these things by themselves would likely work alone but when combined it is starting to make the difference. The icing on the cake that holds all of these things together is the practice of daily journaling, and that is where the Mind journal comes in......

So I got the starter bundle. I use the daily journal and balance planner and actually find the balance planner as productive and useful as the journal itself. I was between jobs so had the time to begin journaling every morning, I wake up at 6am and sit at my desk at home away from everything and write.

A few points to note, I promised myself I don’t have to be “perfect” and some days I only write a few lines, but I always write!

Why does it work? For me it is simple. The process of adopting this approach is that it slows me down and makes me present each day. I don’t rush around panicking about work and going on auto pilot every morning.

I find structure and routine helps with mental health and by journaling I am being disciplined and structured and it allows me to thing about what is important, what I have been doing and what I need to do. Don’t get me wrong, it is still hard work, the next thing for me is to work on the sugar and carb addiction. But I know it’s possible with the help and structure of my daily journaling. It has also helped me to diarise quality time with kids It forces me to look at myself and make time when I can see I haven’t had it.

Anyway, buy the bundle and promise yourself you will do it daily. It doesn’t need to be a lot. But write something! Writing is powerful!

Cameron M.

Starter Bundle

Jesus A.
Here’s to New Beginnings

Haven’t really begun the journey yet, but from reading the pages found within the Journal and Planner, I’m feeling very optimistic and positive in working towards a new beginning for my life 💯

Invest in Yourself!

Investing in yourself is a must! I used to think writing things down on a sticky note was more than enough. Then I realized I still didn’t get things done so I went on a search to improve myself.

I am glad I stumbled upon Mind Journal. I got the starter pack and using all three (Journal, Planner, and Check-In Notepad) has really taught me to hold myself accountable, be more disciplined, and to be more intentional with my day-to-day tasks.

If y’all need an idea of where to start, this is how I ended up using everything:

I started with the Balance Planner to layout the month. Sort of like a rough draft because things change each day. Then I plan each week, which the planner does so that you can be a bit more specific.

After that, I begin each day by using the Check-In Notepad after my morning routine. I love this one the most because I can go back to it really quick and see what else I got to do (my memory is so bad). What I found that really helps me is that each time I go back to the notepad, I write down the time and reevaluate my feelings. Then review what I have to do next.

Finally, I end the day with the Mind Journal if I have the time and want to reflect.

Hope this review helps anyone that is deciding to get this starter pack!


It has got me back on a routine of waking up early and planning my day/week. The journal has got me to be more aware of myself and my thoughts. I had a TBI cause of a motorcycle accident so this has helped kept me grounded and kept my mind thinking

Excellent toolkit

The bundle helps make the entire process convenient and more likely that you'll want to get stuck into some journaling. Highly recommend.

Charles T.J.
The Game Changing Bundle

Having this bundle has helped me frame my time and be intentional about self care. I often was focused on getting work done at my own expense. I now have a sense of life/work balance.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I use the Balance Planner and the MindJournal together?

Designed to complement each other and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, the MindJournal and the Balance Planner are one powerful combination.

For example, you could turn your answer to ‘Do you love what you do?’ from your MindJournal into actionable steps using the Goal Setting Toolkit, which then feeds through to the view pages of the Balance Planner.

Or, after completing the Stress Bucket, you could ensure the tasks that are causing you stress are tackled as a priority. This allows you to get your work and well-being in sync.

How long does the Balance Planner take to complete?

The Balance Planner has three months of monthly, weekly and daily planning.

How long does MindJournal take to complete?

So, this depends on how often you use your MindJournal. We have guys that journal every day to others who might do it once a month. The good thing is that our products are undated and designed to fit your routine. So take some time with it and find what works for you. But to give you an idea: if you journaled five times a week (on average), it would take you around three months to finish.

Is the Balance Planner dated?

The Balance Planner is undated, so you can start at any point throughout the year.

How do I use the Check-In Notepad alongside my MindJournal?

Think of the Check-In Notepad as your journaling wingman. Sure, you can use this desktop tool by itself. It's great for structuring time, setting achievable goals and practising self-care. But you can maximise its benefits when you pair it with a MindJournal. Try tracking how your mood develops throughout the day with the additional Check-In Tool. Then tick off your tasks and make some time to celebrate your wins. In the notes section, there's also room to expand on any ideas that might come to you throughout the day. Together, these two can help you create a healthy work-life balance that's easy to stick to.

How many days will the Check-In Notepad last?

The Check-In Notepad contains 65 undated pages, so there’s plenty of room to plan your time. Designed to help you get stuff done and reach your goals, this is your tool to use however you like. Fill it in at the start of every weekday for 13 weeks. Alternatively, you can choose to keep it up at the weekend - perfect for staying on top of your chores and fitness plans.

Do you offer payment plans/financing options?

We want to help you start your journey, so we’ve partnered with Clearpay and Klarna so you can buy now and pay later. All you need to do is select your preferred payment provider at checkout to pay in instalments. For further information, please click here.


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