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Join thousands of guys who use MindJournal to optimise their days, increase their life satisfaction and change their lives.

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Journaling reinvented for guys

As times change, so must the way you look after yourself. MindJournal is a powerful tool reinvented for the modern day. It's so much more than a journal — it's a way of life.

Proven to increase life satisfaction

Working through a scientifically researched programme of prompts and tasks you'll build a calmer and more motivated version of yourself. This is not self-improvement, it's self-optimisation.

Works as hard as you do

MindJournal works like a personal trainer for your mind — helping you to emotionally evaluate every aspect of your life and guide you towards a more positive outlook.

Noteworthy Features

Powerful framework

MindJournal's highly developed framework consists of a Daily Check-In and Writing Programme that will get you writing every time.

Scientifically researched

Based on psychological research by leading professors and scientists, the outcome is a journal that you'll actually use.

Life-changing results

No matter what's going on in life, MindJournal will help you understand where you are and how to get to where you want to be.

Premium craftsmanship

From the lay-flat binding and ink proof ivory paper to the soft, durable, crushproof cover, MindJournal is a thing of beauty.

Satisfyingly achievable

Looking after yourself shouldn't feel like a chore, so MindJournal has been carefully designed to feel light and doable.

Got your back

We all get stuck sometimes and that’s OK. MindJournal is full of non-judgemental advice on how to get yourself un-stuck.

  • It's more than a journal ...

    Most journals are blank. MindJournal isn't. Its guided programme has been specifically designed to help kickstart your journaling with the perfect balance of design, support and freedom.

  • It's got your interests in mind ...

    There's more to life than achieving goals. The scientific research behind MindJournal will help you access every part of yourself, and the people around you, in a way you never knew existed.

  • And your back when you need it

    Asking for help can be tough. But with MindJournal you're never alone. With its steady supply of reassurance and guidance, you'll always find a solution that's right for you. So what are you waiting for?