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MindJournal has helped nearly 2000 guys from around the world to start keeping a journal. That’s an army of guys that have decided to take action on the way in which they survive the challenges of everyday life. Become a stronger version of the man you already are and join the MindJournal movement.


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This Book Will Make You Stronger is the new workbook by MindJournal. Building on everything that made the original journal so epic, this new tool is guaranteed to help you manage the everyday situations you face.




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MindJournal aims to bring back the legacy of guys keeping a journal. This important task has been forgotten over the years and now is a more crucial time than ever for guys to get writing again.

Locking up your thoughts is never a good idea. And talking about your stuff is tough. That’s why journaling has the potential to help so many guys manage the modern situations they face.


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