Weekly Workout Planner

Weekly Workout Planner

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Tackle your fitness goals head-on with the Weekly Workout Planner. Its game-changing design will help you plan your workouts, manage your meals, and track your habits. Get ready for a new personal best.

The Weekly Workout Planner is your new personal trainer and accountability coach. Stay motivated, boost your fitness and increase your chances for success. Make healthier choices daily and go into each week with a winners mentality.

  • A4 Workout Planner
  • 52 weekly tear-out sheets
  • Track habits, workouts and nutrition
  • Weekly motivational quotes
  • 110gsm paper (FSC)
  • Navy flip cover for privacy

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Weekly Workout Planner


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How the Workout Planner works in three simple steps.

Set workout goals.

You can’t score without a goal. Set a daily activity and watch your fitness levels soar. From strength training and HIIT to 5k runs and yoga, there’s space for every type of training.

Plan your meals.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. To make sure you're fuelling your body, use the daily nutrition section to plan and track your food and hydration.

Track your habits.

Boost your health and fitness goals with daily habit tracking. From steps to breathwork and meditation, the Weekly Workout Planner puts positive habits on autopilot.

Scientifically backed benefits.


Improved success rate.

It's scientifically proven that you're 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down.


Increased physical fitness.

Plan in workouts for endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility—no more skipping leg day.


Healthier food choices.

Weekly meal planning is proven to save time and money and contributes to healthier food choices.


Higher levels of hydration.

Tracking your water offers endless health benefits, from reducing headaches to feeling more energised.


Fewer injuries.

Rest, you deserve it. Plan your recovery sessions, and you’ll reduce your risk of injury and build strength.


Accountability coach.

Planning your day around your workouts is proven to keep you motivated and accountable.

How it works.

The Weekly Workout Planner will help you build a new mindset focused on transforming your health and fitness.

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Weekly Workout Planner

The 7-day schedule helps you plan your workouts and prep your meals, with extra space to track habits, hydration and goals.

Weekly Workout Planner

The 7-day schedule helps you plan your workouts and prep your meals, with extra space to track habits, hydration and goals.

Frequently asked questions.

How many weeks will the Weekly Workout Planner last?

The Weekly Workout Planner contains 52 weekly tear-out sheets, allowing you to plan your workouts, manage your meals, and track your habits for a whole year—plenty of time to reach those fitness goals.

Is the Weekly Workout Planner dated?

The Weekly Workout Planner is undated, meaning you can start your health and fitness journey whenever you're ready.

Do you offer payment plans/financing options?

We want to help you start your journey, so we’ve partnered with Clearpay and Klarna so you can buy now and pay later. All you need to do is select your preferred payment provider at checkout to pay in instalments. For further information, please click here.

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