50 Things To Be Grateful For Every Day

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50 Things To Be Grateful For Every Day - MindJournal

"This is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before."

- Maya Angelou

Not a bad way to look at life, is it?

And science shows this mentality can do wonders for your health too. One study into positivity revealed a one-time act of gratitude can produce an immediate 10% increase in happiness

However, this study also suggests that the happy effect disappeared within three to six months, meaning that gratitude works best when we practice it every day.

Unsure where to start? That’s OK. We’ve got 50 ideas for feeling grateful below.


The Five Categories Of Gratitude

There are many things to be grateful for, but to make it easier, we've broken it down into five categories to help you recognise the good things in your life.




Everyone's journey with their health is different, but showing gratitude for your body is something we can all do. From the smallest things to the biggest, here are ten ways to appreciate your health.

1. Waking up and having another opportunity to seize the day.

2. Being able to experience the world as it is available to you.

3. Your immune system for keeping that winter cold at a bay a little longer.

4. And for fighting it off when it did finally turn up. Enjoy every decongested breath again.

5. Your mind for storing all those good nostalgic memories; perfect for drawing upon when you need them most.

6. The way exercise makes you feel afterwards. You know, tired but in the best kind of way.

7. The picture your imagination can conjure up, taking you anywhere when you need it.

8. How your skin feels when you curl up in those nice clean sheets.

9. Waking up before the alarm goes - allowing you to start the day gently.

10. Your favourite dish - for its umami flavours and how it nourishes you, feeding your body and mind.




Showing gratitude for work is about appreciating the path you've chosen or the journey you're on. Whether you've found your calling, are working towards a long-term career goal or maybe still figuring things out, there's plenty to be thankful for. Here are just a handful of ideas to turn the daily grind into day-to-day gratitude:

11. That sense of achievement you get after finishing a task or making a deadline.

12. The feeling you get when a good bit of feedback comes through. Nailed it.

13. Pursuing your dream.

14. Learning, whatever that means to you.

15. Celebrating the wins - big or small. You've earned it.

16. The surprise bonus. Go on, treat yourself.

17. That one colleague who's always got your back; yeah, you'd be friends even if you didn't work together.

18. The feeling of purpose and direction a career can give you.

19. Good clients you want to do the best job for.

20. Tax rebates.




There's no better feeling than taking time to appreciate the people who've positively impacted your life. This could be friends, family, co-workers or even the barista who puts a smile on your face on a Monday morning; it's always worth remembering the kindness of strangers. Here are a few reminders:

21. The people you've chosen to share your life with.

22. That friend who's great for motivation at the gym (but also indulges you when you need a 'cheat' day).

23. Your dog, cat or other pet who loves you unconditionally. Oh yeah, animals count.

24. Sons, daughters, nieces and nephews; for allowing you to act like a big kid again.

25. Your chosen family and the in-jokes that only you and them could ever understand.

26. Role models - near or far, for showing you what is possible.

27. That one work colleague who's always there, no matter what.

28. Those who share your love for your most niche hobby or interest.

29. People who know what you need, even before you do.

30. Did we mention that barista? (or mail carrier, bank clerk, - the list goes on).




Take a deep breath, clear your mind and look around you. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, there’s always something to be grateful for. You may find it in the birds chirping outside or that photo frame hanging on your wall. Either way, here are ten ways your surroundings can inspire some gratitude.

31. The place you call home.

32. Seeing the first signs of spring as bulbs poke through the soil.

33. Stepping outside in the morning, breathing in the fresh air.

34. Happy dogs in the park. They know what’s up.

35. The smell in your home as the coffee’s brewing.

36. Realising every episode of that new season has dropped. And you’ve got time to binge.

37. Hearing your favourite song play in the cafe. They totally get you. 

38. Soaking in a warm bath of bubbles with a good book. Bliss.

39. How monumental the moon looks in the night sky.

40. Free WIFI.




You’ve probably realised something if you’ve made it this far.

Gratitude starts with you.

Happiness comes from within, and by focusing on your mindset, everything else will fall into place. It’s likely those around you already see it, so here’s how to start appreciating just how special you are.

41. Your ability to think, feel and learn. Think back on who you were and how far you've come.

42. Enjoying your own company. Nobody gets you like you.

43. Laughing to - or even at - yourself. You don't need anybody else to make you smile.

44. Your capacity to feel love and even pain; that's what makes you empathetic to others.

45. Learning from your mistakes - and doing it differently next time.

46. Your passion for your interests and hobbies; whatever you're into, you love it to the max.

47. Your ability to conquer your fears.

48. How you treat others.

49. What makes you, you. There's no one person in the world like you - think about that.

50. Knowing that you've got the power to leave the world a slightly better place than when you found it.

How To Start A Gratitude Practice

Sure, showing gratitude is a personal practice. But some tried-and-tested approaches can work for everyone.

  • Do it every day - set aside a specific time. Whether that's when you wake up, go to bed or break for lunch, to reflect on what you're grateful for. Be consistent and build it into a routine because healthy habits take time.

  • Write it down - try keeping a journal and jot down three things you are grateful for each day. Giving yourself the time to reflect will make it easier to remind yourself of what you're thankful for.

  • Be specific - instead of simply writing, "I am grateful for my friends," be specific about what you appreciate about them. For example, "I am grateful for how Pete makes me feel safe to open up."

  • Spread the love - finally, try sharing your gratitude with others. Telling someone why you appreciate them will brighten their day, strengthen your relationship and bring you joy.

With that in mind, we're grateful to you, our community - for your ongoing support and allowing us to be part of your journey.

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