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Bringing back the legacy of guys keeping a journal

We've already helped thousands of guys to emotionally connect with themselves — leading to incredible transformations.

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We’re not just a journaling brand. We’re on a mission to redefine men’s health and happiness all through the power of writing.

We're for all guys. For the ones that talk. For the ones that don't. For the ones that beat their chests and smash personal bests. For the ones that perform effortlessly and without recognition. For the brave ones. For the ones that have no one. For the ones that lead. For the ones that follow. We're for all guys today and for all guys tomorrow.

Times are changing for guys. Roles have shifted yet stereotypical expectations remain the same. An inspiring conversation has emerged in recent years, that aims to tackle the issues we face. However, it's focused on exactly that — talking. And whilst this might help many, it might not help the few that can't, won't or don't know how to.

MindJournal is on a mission to bring back the legacy of guys keeping a journal. Years ago the idea of any man sitting and jotting down his thoughts was commonplace. Over the years this has sadly been lost. And with it has come an epidemic failure to provide men with the necessary tools to cope with modern-day life.

Now is a more crucial time than ever for guys to get writing again. Sometimes it's the most basic of tools that hold the most power.

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No matter where you are in life, MindJournal will help you build a calmer and more motivated version of yourself.

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