Why Journaling Works For All Guys

by Ollie Aplin – 2 min read

Why Journaling Works For All Guys - MindJournal

Okay, so for those that don't know. Journaling is a process of physically writing your experiences, thoughts and emotions on paper.

Back in the day, keeping a journal was a ‘manly’ thing to do. All the great thinkers, writers and explorers of the past kept a journal on a regular basis. With a pipe, a drink and a break in the day they would write everything that was on their minds.

Writing as a therapeutic outlet, particularly for men, has sadly been lost over the years. Yet there is so much evidence for how powerful journaling can be for guys.

Journaling is a process of you talking to you. No one is telling you what to say, how to feel or what to do. You make the rules, you define your own process. It can help, whatever situation you find yourself in. No matter how busy you are or how bad your handwriting is. Just the motion of moving the pen around the page can help to unlock trapped thoughts and feelings within you.

When the pen is moving, it’s like the stuff in your brain is literally pouring out of your head, down your arm, through your hand, into the pen, out of the ink and on to the page.

Keeping a journal gives you back control over your thoughts and allows you to carve out time just for you.

The abundance of research and evidence helps validate the potentially life-changing effects of journaling. Key studies by Professor James Pennebaker show that people who write down their deepest thoughts and feelings are able to handle traumas and emotional stress significantly better than those who don’t write anything.

And for people who are not comfortable talking to a stranger, for fear of being judged, writing offers a less stressful alternative to seeing a therapist. Especially for men who have been brought up to hide their feelings or come from families where emotions weren’t discussed.

"Journaling can be part of your everyday life, your style and who you are."

Just imagine feeling more focused, energised and emotionally stronger to win the day. That jumbled mess of thoughts, feelings, and intentions will be quiet. Allowing you to feel calmer and more confident.

You already have all the answers to the toughest questions that you’re too afraid to ask. Journaling will teach you to face those questions, and begin the journey to finding your own solutions to them.

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