The Jotter

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The Jotter

£ 29.95 GBP

33 reviews

Designed for those who have completed the Journal, the Jotter is the next step in your journaling journey. Featuring our signature Check-In tool, mindful Reflection Sections and free writing space, the Jotter will give you more freedom and less guidance so you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

  • Premium A5 Journal
  • Signature Check-In Tool
  • Built for Pros

The Next Step in Your Journey

Give yourself the space you need to continue building a powerful journaling habit.

So, What’s Inside?

Continue your journaling with our signature Check-In tool and three Reflection Sections to strengthen and sustain your writing habit.

Space to Write

All the paper you need.

With 100% more free writing space than the Journal, the Jotter has the perfect amount of space to clear your mind, each and every time. And with no exercises to follow, it’s ideal for those who like to write solo.

Signature Check-In Tool

The tool you know and love.

Use our proven Check-In tool to unlock your feelings, set your intentions, track your achievements and practise gratitude, giving you the familiarity and routine you need.

Mindful Reflection Sections

Set yourself up for success.

Stay on track using the Reflection Sections to pause and reflect on your progress, recognise and appreciate the positives and learn to develop a growth mindset.

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bjorn u.
Iceland Iceland
Reeeally brings out a new you

So I just got the journal a few days ago, but I’ve been consistent writing in it and following the stages, i shit you not! I started to cry the other day. While i was wrriting my bucket list, so many things i want to do, and life is short! Don’t waste it

Eric B.
United States United States
Unexpected pleasure

I wasn’t sure what to think when I ordered this journal, but I’m very glad I did! It’s been an absolute pleasure using it and now it’s something I look forward to after work every night.

Gerardo H.
United States United States
This is just great. Love it.

I am very happy with this purchase. I am discovering the incredible benefits of journaling, especially during this rough time in my life. But it can be done at any point in your life. It is great to sit down and just spend some time being introspective. It clears your mind, allows you to set goals, etc. This journal guides you through the steps on how to do you to continue on your own after three months. Great, great purchase and highly recommended.

Sean W.
United States United States
The best thing for the mind and soul

Spending time in the morning before I start my day and before I go to bed with my journal has helped me to think more clearly and reduce anxiety. Its great to just get out what your feeling so you can process those emotions to overcome them. I have been writing I’m my journal for a few months now and my life has been nothing but great with reduced stress. Thank you so much for an amazing product.

Jordan W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I bought both the journal, and the jotter. Both are absolutely fantastic!

Tobias H.
Germany Germany
Opening up perspectives

I've almost completed the journal's 30 steps. Is there a change? Yeah, slightly. It will be exciting to observe the long-term effects. So what has the journal done for me so far? - Well, the Mindjournal is a good way to open up perspectives that you hadn't thought of before. It can make you check back with yourself in more ways than you would usually allow yourself. The writing routine with the check-up each the day has a nice feel to it, too. I've become more relaxed jotting down what's in my mind, sorting stuff, getting new perspectives on things. There have been questions within the 30 steps where I went like "Oh, there is no need to answer that one - I'm already there.", which was a nice discovery, too. In the end, got one for a good friend, too. Highly recommended if you want to get started on journaling on regular basis.

David H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Subtle help

It has helped structure some time for myself and gentle questions which seem ‘easy’ to get you started. Before you realise, you flow into this protected time with ease. It helps identify and reaffirm insights to help you. It’s been really thought provoking and one section caught me unaware (writing a letter). Really recommend it if you are on that path to be kinder to yourself.

Manny M.
United States United States

So I probably don’t use it enough, but I definitely do when I need it. I guess there is no right or wrong. But I feel good about it every time I use it. It settles me down and let’s me unload all things good bad and in between. I’m super happy with the purchase.

A MindJournal Customer
Benjamin A.
Australia Australia
Great Introduction to Jouralling

As a complete novice to journalling, Mindjournal has eased me into this process with a nice prompted journal that helps me to clarify thoughts and develop understandings that will hopefully develop into journalling habits.

Ryan B.
United States United States
Great feel and great format

I've loved the feel of writing in a leather journal and appreciate the chance to write out feelings in a way that feels "masculine." Other journals can't duplicate this.

Starting your journey? Then you need the Journal.

Designed for beginners, the Journal features a system of guided exercises and our signature Check-In tool, giving you the tools you need to build a life-changing journaling habit.