The Jotter

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The Jotter

£ 29.95 GBP

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Designed for those who have completed the Journal, the Jotter is the next step in your journaling journey. Featuring our signature Check-in tool, mindful Reflection Sections and free writing space, the Jotter will give you more freedom and less guidance so you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

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The Next Step in Your Journey

Give yourself the space you need to continue building a powerful journaling habit.

How it works

Continue your journaling with our signature Check-In tool and three Reflection Sections to strengthen and sustain your writing habit.

Space to Write

All the paper you need.

With 100% more free writing space than the Journal, the Jotter has the perfect amount of space to clear your mind, each and every time. And with no exercises to follow, it’s ideal for those who like to write solo.

Signature Check-In Tool

The tool you know and love.

Use our proven Check-in tool to unlock your feelings, set your intentions, track your achievements and practise gratitude, giving you the familiarity and routine you need.

Mindful Reflection Sections

Set yourself up for success.

Stay on track using the Reflection Sections to pause and reflect on your progress, recognise and appreciate the positives and learn to develop a growth mindset.

Ready to start your journey to a happier, healthier you?

More than 50,000 guys have discovered the powerful benefits of the Journal. In fact, 98.3% of guys said that the Journal has had a positive impact on their lives.