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Check-In Notepad

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Set your tone for the day, the right way. This powerful desktop tool helps you structure your time, set achievable goals and practice self-care. Add to MindJournal or use it by itself. Time to build healthier habits and get stuff done.

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Check-In Notepad

Features & Benefits

Get on top of your to-dos and start planning your goals into reality with this structured routine. Stay organised, focused and productive, whilst radically improving your memory. Set your intentions, list your achievements and start feeling grateful for every day. 

• A5 Premium Notepad
• 65 daily tear out sheets
• Self-care check-in tasks
• To-do list and notes section
• 110gsm paper (FSC)
• Flip cover for privacy

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Self-care is about being aware of your needs and making sure that you’re doing what you can to be the best version of yourself, for you and those around you.

Ollie, UK

How it works.

A hybrid productivity tool for daily self-care and important tasks, the Check-In Notepad is the ultimate desktop companion. Start each day with purpose.

Fill in the pages

65 Daily Pages

Start by tracking your mood using 50 common emotions. Move on to practicing gratitude and making time for yourself before listing your tasks for the day and ticking them off. These sit right alongside your intentions, so you can keep one eye on the bigger picture.

65 Daily Pages

Start by tracking your mood using 50 common emotions. Move on to practicing gratitude and making time for yourself before listing your tasks for the day and ticking them off. These sit right alongside your intentions, so you can keep one eye on the bigger picture.

Put the you in to-do.

The Check-In Notepad is the ultimate way to start your day. Clear your mind to focus on what matters most. Say hello to a new productive you.

A clear head gets ahead.

Combat work overload with a mindful morning routine. In just a few ticks the Check-In Notepad will help you track your mood, prioritise your tasks and practice self-care. A happier you is a more productive you.

Distraction-free to-dos.

Writing down your to-do's is a distraction-free way of highlighting your most important tasks for the day. The Check-In Notepad doesn't replace your digital tools, it complements them by helping you focus on what matters most.

Your desk's best friend.

Now you can keep all your tasks and to-dos in one manageable place. This compact tool has been carefully designed to slot seamlessly into your desktop setup. More desk space. More headspace.

Simple habit. Significant benefits.

Building a productivity routine has countless proven benefits. Sometimes it's the simplest of tools that create the biggest impact.


Power up your mornings.

Ditch your device and start your day the 'write' way with a solid plan that you can realistically stick to.


Boost your productivity.

Get your tasks, goals and intentions down, then reward yourself when you achieve them.

iconspace_Happy 2_25px

Mindful motivation.

Practice gratitude and self-care whilst still getting things done. Being mindful keeps you motivated.


Stay organised and accountable.

Organising your objectives keeps you accountable and makes it more likely you'll stick to them.


Achieve more balance.

‘Me time' is just as important as anything else. Prioritise it and reset your work-life balance.


Tick off your to-dos.

There's nothing more satisfying than crushing your list. Feel the endorphin hit of getting things done.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Charles G.

Given me better focus!

Bryson R.
Great resource for me. Great gift for friends and family.

It has assisted me in making the time to be more intentional about my day, my mindset, perspective and goals. Helps me stay present.

palle l.
good morning

starting my day in a good way.

Daniel B.

They are a super good tool for keeping track of their emotions goal plans

Tammy B.

It was a gift for my son in law and he loves it

Curtis B.

it has kept me on a schedule and it helps me out down on paper how I'm feeling at the time of day.....

Scott W.
great life asset

Help me to plan, keep a clearer mind and above all cope with the mess of life around.

Work in progress

Organise my thoughts. Use it for reflection.

Bundle and save 20%

The Starter Bundle includes a MindJournal, Balance Planner and Check-In Notepad. It’s your ultimate toolkit for a life without limits. Be more for less.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I use the Check-In Notepad alongside my MindJournal?

Think of the Check-In Notepad as your journaling wingman. Sure, you can use this desktop tool by itself. It's great for structuring time, setting achievable goals and practising self-care. But you can maximise its benefits when you pair it with a MindJournal. Try tracking how your mood develops throughout the day with the additional Check-In Tool. Then tick off your tasks and make some time to celebrate your wins. In the notes section, there's also room to expand on any ideas that might come to you throughout the day. Together, these two can help you create a healthy work-life balance that's easy to stick to.

How many days will the Check-In Notepad last?

The Check-In Notepad contains 65 undated pages, so there’s plenty of room to plan your time. Designed to help you get stuff done and reach your goals, this is your tool to use however you like. Fill it in at the start of every weekday for 13 weeks. Alternatively, you can choose to keep it up at the weekend - perfect for staying on top of your chores and fitness plans.

Do you offer payment plans/financing options?

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