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From the Guardian to Uncrate, MindJournal has been featured by some of the biggest news publications on the planet.

“A male aesthetic in mind”

INC Magazine

“A male aesthetic in mind”

Are you a dude who's into journaling but doesn't want to carry around a pastel notebook filled with bubbly inspirational quotes? Then this pick, designed specifically with a male aesthetic in mind, is for you.

“Finally a journal for guys”


“Finally a journal for guys”

The vibe of a journal, let alone one that tries to pull off the task of helping dudes put thoughts and feelings to paper must deliver on its promises. This journal does just that. duuude factor: Must get!

“Build a journaling habit”

Cool Material

“Build a journaling habit”

The MindJournal comes with the promise of revolutionising the way you live your life. For guys that always find their journaling habit falling off, MindJournal might do exactly what it promises.

Gear Patrol

"Everything we need & love"

This journal is everything we love: high-quality paper; man-made leather; designed to lay flat. It’s also everything we need: questions to draw the deep stuff out, and a promise of more peace of mind.

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