5 Reasons Why This Planner Will 10X Your Productivity.

★★★★★ 100+ Five-Star Reviews

Break free from your to-do list and tackle daily overwhelm head-on. Every day, the Balance Planner is putting non-planner people on the path to ultimate success. Ready to join them?

“A life-changing product that's transformed my chaotic life and vastly improved my productivity.”

Ryan, Verified Customer

1. Built To Beat Burnout

After suffering burnout, our founder knew he needed to change. After two years of development, the result is Balance Planner - a tool that will dramatically increase your productivity whilst reducing the effects of burnout.

2. Scientifically Proven Productivity

We’ve cracked the code for living a life outside your to-do list. The key is to focus only on what matters most. Most planners expect you to do more. The Balance Planner helps you do more by doing less. It’s time to start working smarter, not harder.

3. Your New Accountability Coach

Striking the perfect balance of productivity and accountability, the Balance Planner features dateless smart schedules, weekly self-care planning and daily activity tracking, so nothing is left to chance. Get ready to find order in the chaos.

4. The Easiest Planner Ever

From shift workers to weekend warriors, the Balance Planner fits to your schedule. Combining a completely dateless format with built-in time blocking and time tracking, the Balance Planner will turbocharge your to-do list.

5. A SMARTER Way To Achieve Your Goals

You're 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down, so start making the impossible possible. Utilising the SMARTER method, the Balance Planner will help you set and achieve your biggest goals with a proven plan for success.

6. Bonus: Risk-Free With Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that the Balance Planner will change your life that we offer a 30-day Happiness Guarantee. There’s nothing to lose from giving it a go. But if you don't try it, you’ll never know.

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Take action on procrastination and unlock peak productivity. The Balance Planner is your key to finally finding work-life balance.

Balance Planner helps me schedule the important things as opposed to the over-scheduling of the mundane.

Nick, Verified Customer

100+ five-star reviews

Customer success stories.

From non-planner people to overwhelmed entrepreneurs, hear from real people achieving daily success with the Balance Planner.

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews

Product as explained. No complaints on my end.

Michael R.
Exactly what I've needed for years!

I love this planner so much! I've spent hundreds of dollars on planners over the years trying to find one that fits my rather chaotic lifestyle (I have 5 kids and run a startup company) and this planner meshes into my life so easily. It allows me to honestly review the time I allocate to different projects and priorities so that I'm making consistent progress on my goals and I love that I have weekly and monthly review exercise built in so that I have an opportunity to course correct regularly. The build quality is fantastic in my opinion. I love holding it and writing in it because the materials are of such a great quality. My wife even asked me for one because of how well put together it is and it's become a great opportunity for us to connect and collaborate on our monthly and weekly schedules and priorities. I can't recommend this planner enough!

A Game Changer

This has helped me structure my days better & prioritise the most important tasks for the day. It's also helped me delve a bit more into productivity help tools to better refine how I use this to achieve my goals. There are self help articles on the mind journal site that help me make sense of the how, why & what to do with the planner

Harry S.
Absolutely brilliant

I would definitely recommend. It is helping me balance and increase prioritisation of my 9 to 5 job and my triathlon training which I do 6 days a week.

Charles W.
Not worth the investment

This is a second review having nearly completed 90 days with my planner and as I look back, it’s full of blank pages, random entries and I can’t see or feel its value. Given that I’m a business psychologist and extol the virtues of planning and reflection, I’m surprised as its intentions are sound. However, it’s the expectations of the format which are too intense. There is far too much emphasis on creating daily lists, daily motivators, daily balance, daily priorities etc. It’s totally overwhelming, becomes repetitive and actually detracts from creating balance. For example, I can’t see the need to track daily time on tasks, distractions and self-care. I tried and then it just became too complicated, impractical and stressful, so I gave up. There are much better ways to do this!!

There is also too much input (action/reflection) required on each page and whilst writing by hand is important, there’s insufficient space especially if your hand writing is not small or tidy! On content headings, Less = More really rings true here.

Days are fluid and it’s how you manage your energy so not to become overwhelmed which is important. For me, the planner pushes you to be too regimented and too focused on detail which doesn't always survive contact with daily life. I found it constricting and a mental distraction.

For ROI on investment and personal development, I would recommend the planner covers a year for better vision/goal perspective and not just 90 days. It could also be adjusted with a weekly view as the main focus rather than daily and, create more space for actionable reflection and better tool templates.

I appreciate that others have found the planner a real help which is great. For me though, it is now an expensive jotter and will not be a repeat purchase.

Cris T.
Big help day to day

Really helps with prioritising things, gives you clarity and the scheduling aspect let’s you see your month week and day planning.

Don’t know where to start? Here is the answer

Got the planner as a gift from my wife after I saw it. Just by looking at it many answers to my questions were responded. The first time is scary because you want to jump into action but this tool will remind you of how important is to take a step back so you have the full picture and you can focus on balancing your energy.

My chances of having a good day are always increased by starting with my balance planner

The balance planner has been a great introduction to my daily routine, it helps to make sure at least in my Monday to Friday that I approach the day with intention rather than letting the day slip away feeling like I never had control.

It’s been a great compliment to the Mind Journal, but honestly can use this all on its own. For anyone who feels like they need to add more structure to their day, relearn how to respect your time and therefore yourself more, this planner is a great tool to help with that because when you write down you are far more likely to do those things that you know are good for you.

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Frequently asked questions.

How long does the Balance Planner take to complete?

The Balance Planner has three months of monthly, weekly and daily planning.

Is the Balance Planner dated?

The Balance Planner is undated, so you can start at any point throughout the year.

Can I use the Balance Planner and the MindJournal together?

Absolutely. Designed to complement each other and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, the MindJournal and the Balance Planner are one powerful combination.

For example, you could turn your answer to ‘Do you love what you do?’ from your MindJournal into actionable steps using the Goal Setting Toolkit, which then feeds through to the view pages of the Balance Planner.

Or, after completing the Stress Bucket, you could ensure the tasks that are causing you stress are tackled as a priority. This allows you to get your work and wellbeing in sync.

Can I use the Balance Planner for a specific goal?

Yes, 100%. The Balance Planner includes a dedicated Goal Setting Toolkit to work towards short-and long-term objectives. The guidance and templates inside will help you clarify your aims, set achievable milestones and make your goals a reality.


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