The Groundbreaking Journal For Men

Frequently asked questions


How do I keep my journal private?

Storing it somewhere private such as your sock drawer is always a good start. Unless you want it read, don’t leave it lying around. If you’re really concerned, keep your journal in a small secure box with a lock on it.

The best way to keep something private though, is by explicitly telling people around you, in your home, what you’re doing. Keeping it a secret is never a good idea as it will stir up curiosity and distrust. They will want to know that you’re not writing about them. So be honest. Say that sometimes you might be. But that it’s a personal and private exercise that you do like meditation.

People will respect your honesty and your privacy.

Should I share my journal with anyone, say my partner or family?

Totally up to you man. If you discover something that you feel you want to share then why not share it? Reading it out loud is better than having them read it though. Just in case you don’t want them to read some parts of an entry. I often share things I’ve learned about myself with the people close to me. It’s a good way of letting them know where you’re at. Use their response as something you put in your journal and think about. Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that could happen if you tell people that care about you how you feel?

How often should I write in my journal?

As often as you feel. Once a day, once a week, once a month. It depends on why you’re keeping a journal. Don’t feel guilty for not doing it. The more you put pressure on yourself to do something, the less likely you are to want to do it.

For journaling to be effective you have to want to do it. How many times have you gone to the gym or for a run when you didn’t really feel like? Sometimes it sorts you out and you find your rhythm but most of the time you just slog through it, with no pleasure, constantly finding excuses to stop.

How often should I write in my journal?

Sometimes you’ll write for five minutes. Other times it could be an hour. Either way just allow yourself the time. Carve out 15 minutes for each session. If you go over, you go over. You’ll feel great for it. And if you finish with time to spare, enjoy the down time you’ve just earned. Look at the next Thought Trigger and start thinking about it. Time wasted is not wasted time.

Start to learn how to enjoy your own time, in your own company. Don’t rush through it because someone is waiting for you. Don’t rush through a session full stop. This is your time, you’ve earned it, now own it.

I can't answer some of the questions you've written in the journal, what should I do?

That’s fair enough. I’ve tried to make them as open as possible no matter where you’re at in life or what kind of person you are. The incredible thing about the MindJournal tools though, is that people have found how over time their attitude towards certain questions changes. One day you might not feel like you can't answer it, but another time it might. Try asking yourself why you can’t answer it and write that down. You can always come back to it later.

I forgot to add the date to my entry. Does this matter? 

It’s a good idea to add it when you remember and make sure to add it before you start each entry. That way you can track your progress over time.

Do I have to work through the journal in the order It's been designed?  

MindJournal has been carefully designed and structured to build up your confidence in keeping a journal as you work through
it, entry by entry. But there are no right or wrongs here. Do it however you want to do it. I won’t be offended. You can just keep answering the same Thought Trigger over and over again. Or work through it backwards. Or even upside down. Try it the usual way for the first few and see how you get on.

Everyone has their own way of doing this.